The Provider

Made in Hollywood

My first project venture with a flair of Hollywood. The Provider is a genre movie that convinces its audience not only through its professional look and its surprising ending. Inspired by John Carpenter, the master of horror – I had the pleasure of personally meeting the legendary director just before the development of this film – we shot this independent film in Los Angeles, entirely with English dialogue and an American cast. This internationality not only gives the project a wider audience base, but also grants us access to worldwide festivals and international markets. Last but not least, the work on this project also allowed me to make my first contacts in Hollywood.

The prerequisite for a successful independent film is cost-effectivene and efficient work. The Provider is a project that is in no way inferior to the big Hollywood productions, despite its small budget.
We achieved the captivating look of the short film by using a Red Epic camera and through professional grading in DaVinci Resolve. While the high quality of the image composition creates a Hollywood-like feeling, the contrast between the warm candlelight and the cold blue moonlight increases the visual tension and, thus, lends the film its ominous nature.