Content and realization

The day ends in the museum of natural history. The guard is going to make his last inspection routine. The gates get closed over the night. As the last light goes out, a little dragon wakes up, who is hidden between the exhibits. Night at the museum with a really personal image of the classic film: “The Lost World” from 1925.

For the animated cartoon trailer wyvern we connected a 4K-real film shooting with a virtual character: Real life film recordings integrated a digital dragon with fumes and dust particles. To achieve a better interaction in compositing we used some Lens Flares and reflections of the light in the lens.

The director Andreas Feix said: “The special charm was focused on the contrasts; between the mythical little wyvern and the real, although the fossil dinosaurian, the old Stop-Motion-technique of the film and the new digital technology, whereby the dragon should be implemented.”

As already at our last joint project we agreed to use the RED to shot the trailer. All the recordings, especially the tracking shots, were shot at an easy rate and without the application of tracking markers. In the combination it lies many advantages, because the velocity might be adjust to take at will in the cutting. The trailer already enjoys great popularity on the ITFS 2012 in Stuttgart and has been extended to many other film festivals (including the Siggraph 2013 and the Siggrah Asia 2012). It was used 2013 as a promotional film for the Stuttgart “Dragon Days”.