Homeland – Israel


What is home? This documentary shows a view into a world that many German people do not know anything about. It has to do with a young German Jew. We are going on a journey to the modern Jewish identity, with the musician Gil Ofarim – to feel the pulse, which beats today in the German – Jewish hearts. We were very impressed by Israel and his cultural distinctions and the dichotomy between tradition and modernity. Our motives illustrate fresh scenes of the young Tel Aviv, the religious powder keg Jerusalem, intimate insights of the family life in Haifa and spectacular images of nature from Ein Gedi at the Dead Sea.

A view into a special living environment:

Since 1945 again more than 100 000 Jews are living in Germany.

Meanwhile the second generation after the holocaust is take over the baton from their parents. They were born in Germany and were raised on Jewish traditions. So they are between the poles of rebellion and tradition, particularly the relation with the concept of home. Many young German Jews are acquainted with something that German contemporaries don’t know: the factor of a second home, home Israel.

We are going to take a look at the German and the Israel native.

We enter into the traces of the fault lines between grandparents and grandchild, between ancient claims and modern life plans, between commandments and liberty, between the wish of identity and the concealment as well as the need for a recommencement.