Architecture is constructed emotion. Versatility of design is the concept. Heikaus’ missions have been to find the right language as an expression for the individuality of their clients. The clients themselves, the situation and the locality affect the style of the corresponding object of Heikaus. The best way to develop a productive idea is to communicate with the costumer. An idea which leads the customer to success. That a thought can lead to create something new pleases the customer and pushes the whole team foreword, and in fact of the traditional handcraft from the company the quality is right.

The strength of the company focuses not on the classic concepts and moving away from the traditional shop fitting design.

The decision to create the project with Heikaus is because they do not argue with popular standard sayings and the standard concept, but they listen the whole time carefully. The team emphasize with the ideas and visions of their customers.

Marc Heikaus: “The most beautiful feeling of all is, if a costumer says at the end: “Hey this shop is a part of me.””