Hamburger Deern

A cheer for the friendship
Friendships between men can be unique in a lifetime. Unconditional and lasting until the twilight years. Connected by small and big adventures written by life. And the memories of them are embellished more and more by time and become more colourful and dazzling.

In this story, two generations of men friendships clash. The young, recent one with the common final degree and the old, deep friendship between two old seamen who are a little bored of their twilight years. The two young men find a message in a bottle at the beach and start a search for the sender, assuming that their find has travelled a long way through the ocean. Actually, the message in a bottle was planned as a bait by the two old ones who want to make a youthful joke in their old years.

The track leads the two young men through the wet and cold East Frisia, through the mud flat up to the lighthouse the two old ones live in. The joke ends in a chummy round of four men.