DM Education

Apprentices in portrait: Anna, Daria, Dominik, Vanessa
Ones in a lifetime, this moment comes for everybody: The time in school is over and the difficult search for an apprenticeship training position or a college place begins. When Daria was at this point, she didn’t know that it’s possible to study informatics at dm, too. Exactly there strikes the new campaign of the drugstore and I realized another chance to encourage others by my own portrait movies and portrait photography.

Together with the “Neue Bewegung” and the “Oddity”- advertising agency developed diverse web videos, in which the likeable apprentices report their own development and give an insight in their education. In this way, the fear of application is taken from future school leavers and dm shows it’s different carrier possibilities in an authentic way.

Authentic stories to advance young people – a project, that completely comes up to me.
My tip: Meet Vanessa, Anna, Dominik and others apprentices as well on the webpage of dm: