Cure Vac

Innovative Country
The CureVac GmbH has – amongst others, with this corporate video – won the 2 million “Vaccine Prize” of the European Commission. This maximum-security unit produces a vaccine against highly dangerous diseases. The great hope mRNA, the messenger of the DNA, shall equip the own immune system.

The EU has tendered the vaccine-prize to find innovative vaccine technologies that are no longer dependent on a cooling chain for transport and storage of the vaccines. The RNActive® technology developed by CureVac convinced the jury by offering outstanding conditions for the affordable worldwide distribution of their vaccines – especially in tropical countries and developing countries.

Manager and cofounder Dr. Ingmar Hoerr: “It really honours us that the jury assessed our results of over 14 years development of the RNActive® vaccines as the greatest progress in vaccine technology. We are very sanguine to bring out the first mRNA-based vaccine together with our partners.” When this time has come, we would love to make another cinematic contribution.