Bertelsmann Foundation

The training has changed us all

The Executive trainings of the Bertelsmann Foundation encourages the participants to picture themselves. A practice that is often unattended in the daily life of managers but important for the own positioning inside of a corporation and for the setting of new impulses. For that, they learn inside of different formats to set the right courses and to break through the glass ceiling. Furthermore, the Alumni-network of seminar fellows of different corporations and branches present a unique platform for trustful exchange and offers support in different situations.

The corporate video uses the world of sports and the handling of cultural goods as a parallel to the milieu of potential participants and alumni. In testimonials, the introduced absolvents report on their life and explain in which way the training finally supported them private and occupational. Their motivation, as well as their individual experiences and highlights are picked out as a central theme. Shots of the daily life of the narrators were put together with music and grade the interviews up in an emotional way.

Statements of participants and cut views of the networking give a straight insight in the training. Excerpts of the group talks with Melanie Kreis, management of the “Deutsche Post AG” and Christiane Kroll, expert for strategic communication convey the exclusivity of the training, so that personnel officers and top managers are encouraged to nominate their managers as participants. The corporate video has also expatiate on the internet by virtual marketing to position the Executive Trainings on a very high position permanently.